How to cause cancer

By greenteapanda

July 15, 2008

Category: Observation


From watching Brainiacs, I discovered that if one mixes warm milk with vinegar, you get a precipitate – casein. It is the wrong form, but casein was one of the first plastics discovered.
The episode was answering a viewer question about foods one should not mix. A person on the show tried the casein, and found it tasted terrible. An unmentioned fact on the show is that casein protein greatly increases the chances of getting cancer.
It made me think about what happens after somebody eats a dairy product. The dairy product will mix with stomach acid, which in turn would seem to create clumps of casein inside the stomach. The negative effects might be somewhat offset by the positive properties of whey protein that is also in the milk, but there is still the fact that the presence of casein can be enough to activate cancer cells.
If one really wants protein, it is possible to buy whey protein by itself, without anything else. It also benefits people that are lactose intolerant, since whey protein can be purchased with lactose and other chemicals originally in the milk removed.

4 Responses to “How to cause cancer”

  1. Hmm.. Is it any types of acid that reacts with the milk or is it just the vinegar…? I never heard milk is bad for your health…

  2. You make a good point about the type of acid. Milk itself is slightly acidic. Adding lemon juice to milk will make it curdle, not turn into a solid like vinegar does. The milk curd needs formaldehyde to then turn into casein. The differences might have to do with the pH.
    Cider vinegar in particular is very, very similar to the acids found in the intestines, so it might actually be the intestines where the reaction actually takes place, not the stomach. Not sure how much different acid in the intestines is compared to stomach acid. Since both whey protein and casein protein affect the body, it has to be broken down somewhere in there.
    Cow milk affects some people more than others. I\’ve never been able to properly digest it – it gives me a nasty stomachache and makes my skin breakout. Besides the people that naturally can\’t have dairy products, there is also the fact that in modern times cows are given tonnes of hormones that get into the milk. Googling "milk is not healthy" will return a lot of studies and information you can use to judge for yourself in your situation.
    I am not going to suggest soy milk as an alternative, since most people get that loaded with sugar, which is also not particularly good for the body – in this case the liver.

  3. I had simillar problems with korean milk but i\’m loving australian milk.. No problems at all..

  4. Turns out temperature is quite important… you need to boil the milk for the process to work. So perhaps processes in the body won\’t create plastic.I have had friends complain about milk in both Korea and Japan because of added sugar and it just tasting plain odd. Still, I can\’t say I have ever been able to drink milk in any country I have been in. Then again, I find the taste repugnant.

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