Saying goodbyes

By greenteapanda

July 16, 2008

Category: Education


The regular school year is going to end very soon. I had the last of my 4th grade classes today. Some of them were even crying and asking for autographs as I said goodbye. I will be seeing some of them again during the English camps this summer.

My last regular school year class will actually be with the most problematic 6th grade class, so it will be interesting to see how that turns out… I can be pretty certain people won’t be crying in that class.


3 Responses to “Saying goodbyes”

  1. When does the holidays start..?

  2. For most public school teachers, it started today or yesterday. My prinicipal asked me to come in tomorrow morning today, so perhaps tomorrow for me.

  3. 🙂 It is wonderful when students actually miss the teacher. On Friday, I did not teach because my co-teachers were teaching most of the time, and when I finally had to leave, a student asked, "Why are you leaving if you did not teach today?" in a way that implied he was looking forward to a lesson. Could not come up with a good comeback for that one.

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