Spoons are fastest

By greenteapanda

July 14, 2008

Category: Food and drink


Since I live by myself, I can get away with minimal clothing within my apartment, and get away with minimal cutlery at mealtime.

This episode of Brainiacs only confirms what I already figured out – if you are going to use just one utensil, it should be a spoon. Chopsticks work pretty well, but that is technically a pair and not just a single item. Chopsticks are also lousy with liquids, even moving liquid to the edge of the plate so it can be swallowed from there directly.

I have been watching quite a few clips of Brainiacs recently – I am thinking of doing a science class during the summer English camp at my school.


2 Responses to “Spoons are fastest”

  1. Where is this show from?

  2. Brainiacs is from the UK, shown on Sky. I take it it is shown on The Discovery Channel elsewhere, since some of the Youtube clips seemed to be recorded off of The Discovery Channel.

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