Pedestrian walk signal timing

By greenteapanda

November 8, 2008

Category: Observation

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Last night, or maybe I should say this morning, as I walked home from a Latin club, I had the unusual experience of hitting every single light perfectly. Just as I reached an intersection, the walk signal would come on, ensuring I would have plenty of time to cross the street properly.

In many places at night, it seems signals are tilted even more in favour of drivers than they usually are during the day. Then again, some things might help Taipei at night:

  • Less scooters obstructing the pavement by driving on it rather than the actual street.
  • No slow-moving pedestrians I had to deal with. Those pedestrians often pay more attention to the shops next to the pavement than the pavement itself. The shops they usually pay attention to close by 21 or 22:00 unless they are in a night market.
  • Less incompetent auto drivers that obstruct the pavement because they somehow think that will allow them to reach their destination more quickly. Everybody driving at night appeared to be skilled – mostly taxis.

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