Pocket Ashtray, Seafood iPad

By greenteapanda

December 28, 2010

Category: Environment

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For “environmental protection” purposes in Japan, there is a product called a Portable Astray that is promoted. The idea is apparently that you don’t leave tobacco ashes all over the place if you smoke (never mind it does nothing for the air pollution or the potential fire hazard of a smoker smoking a cigarette).

The pocket ashtray I saw in the toilet did not appear to be made out of a fire-proof material. Furthermore, it appears if you had hot ashes inside, if you held the “ashtray” in the wrong orientation, you could hurt yourself. It looks like it could actually increase danger if saving the convenience of picking up smoking remnants off the pavement.

Finally, it has no style. If something is going to be frivolous, it should at least look nice. I almost want to purchase an iPad now that I know of a case that on the back looks like a seafood set you might see in a restaurant window for 御節 (Osechi, dishes for the New Year):

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