Kale Juice

Japan has everything you’d expect to be there and everything you would not expect to be there. Basically, I thought I expected everything to be in Japan, yet I was still quite surprised when I came across this Kale Juice shop in Nakano, near Shinjuku in Tokyo.

As Kale is one of my favourite things to eat, I decided to buy some, even though a rather small cup cost 600 yen. The lady at the counter was quite surprised I wanted to drink it straight. I think she was also surprised how quickly I finished it. A friend that had brought me to Nakano to shop for gifts hadn’t noticed the shop before. They gave him some free juice, though he did not drink it straight.

I am really curious where the shop gets their kale, since I had previously never even seen kale anywhere in Japan. Not in any supermarkets, not in any restaurants, etc. Too bad I am no longer in Tokyo to try some more!

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