King Sejong and Hangeul Day

By greenteapanda

December 24, 2010

Category: Travel

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My visit to Korea in October coincided with Hangeul Day. During my visit, I noticed that the plaza near Gwanghuamun was open. When I lived in Seoul, the actual Gwanghuamun Gate was obscured by renovation scaffolding, and the plaza was a castle of shipping containers used by police to control protest crowds protesting decisions by the government to allow apparently-mad-cow-infested American beef to be sold within South Korea.

Within the plaza, going away from Gwanghuamun, there is now an underground museum dedicated to King Sejong. As soon as I stepped in the door, I was interviewed for a TV programme asking what I thought. I wanted to give a thoughtful answer, so I declined to answer until I had looked around the exhibition. Unfortunately for me, I don’t get the channel that interviewed me in Taiwan.

With the addition of the plaza, and the completion of the Cheongye Stream renovation half a decade ago, downtown Seoul is a very nice place to be and a very nice place to watch people.

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