Taco Bell in Korea

In the past, if you wanted to have fake Mexican food like Taco Bell in South Korea, you would need to be allowed to go onto a US military base. There were also rumours of Taco Bell for civilians in the past, but those days were supposedly long gone. After a failure in Shanghai as a full-service restaurant, it seems like Yum Brands is trying to do a more American-fast-food-styled Taco Bell. For double the price and half the stuff of the US:

The chips are called a sweet tostada. Maybe they should be called TOO Sweet Tostada. The bean burrito was about the same as in the USA. The hot sauce packets are in the same vein as in the US, but with Korean remarks rather than English. While the Hot sauce in the USA does not have garlic while the Fire Sauce does, the situation is reversed in Korea.

For double the price though, one can get much more realistic Mexican food from Dos Tacos, and you certainly get more than double the food this way. So Taco Bell only seems to be an idea if you really need it to be fake, and you prefer to get hot sauce from a packet rather than a bowl or a bottle. Sometimes Dos Tacos even throws in extra food.


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