Seoul Line 9

In October, I had an opportunity to finally return to Korea. During the time I was gone, Line 9 opened. In many ways, it is the most impressive subway line I have been on. Some features I enjoy about the line are:

  • It is quiet.
  • High resolution message boards above train doors provide information about buildings and points of interest surrounding stations.
  • There are three tracks, so express service can be provided. Theoretically, it could also be run 24 hours a day like New York, but that is not done.
  • It is clean.
  • The air quality is good.
  • There are safety doors installed. I didn’t think of this as a benefit at the time, but a trip this month to Tokyo reminded me of some pitfalls when they aren’t installed.

The only downside to the new line is that you have to swipe your T-money card if you transfer to another subway line or the Airport Express – but this is hardly a big inconvenience.

Unlike some other places, if you are not sure where to go once you are in the station, there are touch panels to help you out as well:


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