Secure after all

For my ICBC account in mainland China, I have to use a “USB Shield” for my online banking. As luck would have it, I recently ran into troubles with the partition table on my PC’s hard disk, so Windows will no longer load. I decided to try using a virtual machine running Windows as that would be more convenient anyways – the only reason I ever use Windows these days is to make certain changes to this blog or to deal with Chinese and Korean banking issues.

Needless to say, the USB shield did not work in the virtual machine environment. It was detected, but it could tell that perhaps my information was not secure, so it did not let me proceed. So at least some companies got the security thing working right.

Now I just need to find a computer that I can run bootsect.exe so I can fix the booting problem with my PC. Normally one would use the Windows DVD, but I installed Windows 7 from a USB flash drive. Since that time, I erased the flash drive, hence my current predicament.


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