Looking at rectangles

By greenteapanda

August 1, 2009

Category: Entertainment

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In Korea and Japan, I definitely looked at glowing rectangles way too much. Here in Taipei, I have other interests that keep me away from those screens, at least until I get my new MacBook Pro. I ordered one with a matte screen and SSD, so it will be useful while I am on the bus or subway. Then I will have a choice of meditation or more staring at the antiglare rectangle.
To order online at the educational Apple Store in Taiwan, I needed a Taiwanese credit card. It is possible to do a phone order, and remit the money, but that leaves a lot of possibilities for mistakes. After asking at many banks and getting few wanted answers, I looked at some glowing rectangles to find information about what banks might offer me a way that would allow me to buy things online with a Taiwanese credit/debit card.
I finally got a debit card that seemed to work from Taishin Bank. For a foreigner with 3 IDs, Chinese reading ability, and the desire to use a debit card, they are the way to go. No apparent options for sending money abroad through their online interface (though it is possible to purchase foreign currency).

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