Digital TV

By greenteapanda

July 29, 2009

Category: Entertainment

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One of the reasons I do not watch TV here is because of the terrible picture quality. I have 113 channels of analogue cable, and about 100 of those look terrible. I might be interested in getting digital service, particularly if it were HD. I had to laugh at this article.

The uptake in Taiwan would be faster than the US, which took more than 10 years to boost the penetration of digital TV services to 58 percent, as people here are more tech-savvy, he said.

He estimated the current penetration rate in Taiwan at about 10 percent.

… which explains why Taiwan still has a lower penetration rate. Digital TV is hardly new, and since analogue cable already has so many channels here, the capacity has been in place a long time to do it. But they don’t, or haven’t so far… nor has HD broadcasting been available in any big way either.


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