Camelot Spring Resort

By greenteapanda

July 28, 2009

Category: Travel

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The adage that even donkey droppings gleam could apply to my most recent trip to a cold spring. The place looked nice enough, and functionally it was great for relaxing. However, even with many staff, it took them a very long time to bring vegetarian food. Food portions were small for the set price, and there was no system in place to buy anything extra. No drink machines, no cakes or desserts in the dessert case (despite having one in the entrance area). They did not even want to bring anything more, even after offering to pay.

Does this look like enough food to you?

I eventually had two more portions of that size. However, given the amount of time it took, I almost could have returned to Taipei, fixed a lunch for myself, ate it, and then returned.

No complaints about the jets in some of the pools. They were powerful!


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