A New Computer

I wonder if I should just wait until Mac OS 10.6 comes out in September, given that I still haven’t been able to order the new computer. Maybe by then I will find a place that can give me a proper debit card. Interest rates here on credit cards are sky-high.

I could walk into a store and buy a Sony Vaio Z, which just came out with another revision with 6GB of RAM, 64-bit Windows, free upgrade to Windows 7, and a return to the better screen that it had in the first two revisions. However, I don’t like the fact I can’t find quality service manuals for that machine, and at this point I’d prefer a Mac laptop. Since there are many times I am taking Chinese notes, the ability for Mac OS 10.6 to draw Chinese characters on the trackpad would be extremely useful for me.

A laptop would also resolve problems like I had last weekend, where I could not go online for four days because of a fibre cut. Of course, I got a lot of reading and other things done at that time.

Well, whatever it is, I certainly won’t buy a brand that readily accepts and installs crapware on customers’ computers, like Green Dam.


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