Taco Bell’s Green Menu

By greenteapanda

July 22, 2009

Category: Entertainment

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The Onion previously did an awesome video report on Domino’s Pizza. Now they have given Taco Bell similar treatment. They claim to be green because their products have nothing from nature at all. In the video, the 4% of food that was from animals was replaced with caryboxylmethyl mycoprotein. Mycoprotein would still indicate it comes from nature, in that case, mushrooms. Come to think of it, the fake meat one can buy at supermarkets in Taiwan is at least as sketchy as that bright substance – and I assume that at least some of them are made from mushrooms. carboxylmethyl is used in paints as a stabiliser, so I suppose that would also fit right in.

Not coincidentally, last time I went to the USA, Taco Bell did taste like cardboard.

I am very happy buying mushrooms in their natural state, thank you very much.


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