Convenience Store Density

In Taiwan, it is the highest in the world.

Just as companies might pay to get products on the shelves in a Wal-Mart in many countries, the same happens here with convenience stores. In less than 5 minutes, I can walk to three different 7-11s, a Family Mart, a Hi-Life, and an “OK Mart.” I put that last one in quotes because I don’t think the quality of their noodles is OK. I also go to the supermarket sometimes, also within a 5-minute walk, but the convenience stores are often cheaper for the products that they have.

There are people that want to work in convenience stores so that they can meet many different people. Compare that to a hypermarket like RT-Mart where the checkout people are often in a state of mind not much different than a robot. The end result is that the convenience store is a big part of retail culture here.

Good for me, I can get all the unique flavours of Kit Kat from Japan in 7-11, something I can’t get in any other store.


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