Liufu Village 六福村

By greenteapanda

July 9, 2009

Category: Entertainment

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I read recently that something like 12% of people that come to Taiwan participate in non-traditional tourist activities, one of these being going to an amusement park. Taiwan isn’t exactly a place that comes to mind when I think of amusement parks, but it does have a few. I recently went to Liufu Village.

Compared even to Disneyland, the rides are quite tame. The ticket price is accordingly lower. They have some bigger and better rides, but the newest ones had a height restriction of 190cm. Somehow, even though I am not that tall, I was able to look down at the 190cm marker on the signs. I am not sure how they manage that, but I have noticed the same problem on the height markers in convenience stores (so if there is a robbery, they know how tall the culprit is). Thus, I could not go on this ride:

I could go on this water ride though, which was nice on the hot day I went. I attempted to cause my boat to capsize, which I was almost capable of doing by rocking it back and forth within the the metal bars in the pool part at the bottom.

For me, due to the lack of a fast roller coaster or people capable of withstanding high G-forces on spinning barrels, the best part was simply walking and running through the fountains at the entrance of the park.


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