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By greenteapanda

June 26, 2009

Category: Observation

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There are different schools of Tibetan Buddhism, of which one is headed by the Dalai Lama, the Gelug School. The Gelug school is the one that is involved in politics, so you could really say that the battle that the Chinese government has with the Dalai Lama is really with the Gelug sect and not all Tibetans.

There are reasons why politics and religion should not mix, and it leads to the situation the Gelug sect is in now. Of course, if one only follows the news, they will see ads for concerts to “Free Tibet.” Free Tibet from what? The Gelug school forcibly converted monasteries of other Tibetan Buddhist schools to their own.

The media wants to oversimplify things and state that the Gelug school is Tibet. That results in posters like these, which attempt to get attention through controversy, just like Marilyn Manson.

Words in this blog post may set off keyword filters in China, which is just as well. The ideas that the poster promotes are wrong. Being Tibetan is not about being a model Marilyn Manson wannabe with “Free Tibet” tattoos.

I know one place I won’t be on the 11th of July.

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