Colon Cleanse: The Verdict

Awhile back, I found this awesome article in the Guardian, The Enema Within. That led me to investigate colon cleansings and how they work, or how they should work.

The places I’ve been haven’t allowed me to get all the necessary products, and I wasn’t particularly keen to stick things up my behind. I still wanted to try everything else, since putting things up my behind seemed mostly to speed up the process. I was able to try some things separately, like psyllium husk. Many people know it as Metamucil, and pay more for it that way.

It wasn’t until I discovered that I had access to other items. They sell necessary items cheaply, such as  bentonite clay. (for internal use, this is better: purified liquid bentonite) Other key items include a good probiotic (since the bentonite clay kills off a lot of the bacteria), and wormwood, which is good for getting rid of parasites in the body.

Recently I amassed all the necessary ingredients to go on a detox cleanse, so I tried it. No marbles came out. No indications I had any parasites. I didn’t get oddly shaped excrement like I had seen pictures of in books that I read on the subject. I just produced more, given that some of the ingredients added a lot of fiber to my diet.

I was able to continue life as usual, but I did have to eat a lot more to maintain my weight and energy.

My new health interest is how to conform to a strict Buddhist diet (齋). The kind where I won’t add any condiments or flavourings, and where things like garlic are not allowed at all. More on that in a future entry.


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