“Persian Heaven”

By greenteapanda

June 20, 2009

Category: Food and drink

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Not having found Mexican food in decent quanities for a decent price, I have moved on to middle eastern food. I can go up to Danshui and eat at Kooks for some awesome hummus, and I can go to Sababa in the western parts of Taipei, but that still leaves out quite a few dishes I’ve had elsewhere. Most notably something on par with the excellent Iranian curry I had in Seoul.

I am finding that there isn’t really anything better than Kooks or Sababa, even though those restaurants aren’t completely authentic. Take, for instance, Persian Heaven. It does seem to have a number of middle eastern expats there when visiting.

However, the prices are quite high for what one gets. This is what nearly 700NT got me as a vegetarian. Meat eaters would obviously pay even more (Vegetarian pricing in Taiwan seems to relate to the cost of the actual food rather than capitalising on the trend as it would in most places).


There is also a rice pudding dessert that I do not have a photo of because I wasn’t permitted to take a photo while a dancer came out to perform in front of restaurant patrons.

If I ever had to live in Iran, I think it would be great for my Buddhist practice. I certainly wouldn’t have any attachment to the food if it is really like this.


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