More Chinese censorship software

Back in the day, when I got DSL hooked up for the first time in China, the person from China Telecom wanted to install some sort of software. I wasn’t afraid at all when I saw it was an .exe file. This being a Mac that I was using, nothing happened. The technician was dumbfounded. He also tried getting my password information in case I forgot. I refused to give it.

After all, if he needed that info, it seems like China Telecom themselves could go ahead and reset my account. I am not going to forget a password that the computer stores.

Anyhow, fast forward to today, it seems that China’s electronic information ministry decided that it would be mandatory to include a piece of software they must have gotten kickbacks to promote to China’s entire Internet population. The software is called Green Dam, and it resembles the kind of filtering program somebody in a western country might have used 10 years ago. It will be required for inclusion with new PCs. Apple is one of the companies that will have to include it. But why? It doesn’t run on the Mac.

I won’t be at all surprised if some enterprising Russian hackers find a way to hack Green Dam and use the entire Chinese Internet population (minus Linux and Mac users, of course) as a huge botnet.


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