Lottery Win

By greenteapanda

June 2, 2009

Category: Living

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Receipts in Taiwan all have a special number on them. For every two month period of the year, there is a drawing. People that match the last three numbers on a receipt get 200NT. More numbers earn more money. Grand prize winners get a fairly substantial amount of money.

Many places like museums offer free admission if you give them a receipt instead of money, and charities collect the receipts as well. Since I like to keep receipts around at least until I know I won’t return anything, I rarely stick them in the charity boxes placed just outside of the payment areas in many places.

I didn’t have a receipt with me when I went to the Shisanhang Museum this past weekend, so I had to pay 100NT to enter. However, when I got home, and checked my receipts for March and April, it turned out I won one of the 200NT prizes. I expected I would win that one earlier, based on the sheer number of receipts I amass every two month period.

Instead, I have often been one person ahead in line of the person that did end up winning, one of them was a five-number win. I can’t complain about 200NT, even if it is only about 6USD. I didn’t have to gamble anything to win…


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