Dragon Boats

By greenteapanda

May 29, 2009

Category: Entertainment

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I watched some dragon boat racing today. Compared to a crew meet, there aren’t many differences. The biggest differences are that there are three people (not one) in addition to the people rowing the boats. There is a person that reaches out in front of the boat to grab the flag at the finish line, a person that bangs a drum to keep a beat for rowers to row to, and a person in the back using an oar to steer the boat. Oh, there are many more rowers as well since there are rowers for each side each holding one oar, rather than rowers holding two for both sides.

I had been encouraged to join the team myself, but I didn’t want to be at practice at 6am every morning. As it is, I don’t even get to bed until a few hours prior due to other commitments in my schedule. I would definitely become stronger though…


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