Live and work around the world in style

By greenteapanda

May 16, 2009

Category: Travel

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In many ways, English teaching around the world is a useful job to have. It allows one to stay in places for extended periods of time. It is good for staying in one place, though schedules can make it difficult to see all of the country. My current work in Taiwan is a good example of that – I saw much more of the island on my previous trips here than working here, since I don’t have the time off to do much exploring. However, I am a lot more familiar with Taipei.

This article about caretakers travelling the world caught my eye recently. People that take care of homes don’t make much, but they do get some very interesting experiences. There is a list of sample ads for caretakers here makes it seem like there are great opportunities for people interested in organic foods and natural living.


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