Maussac 摩賽卡 法式茶館

By greenteapanda

April 30, 2009

Category: Food and drink

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After the curry place, I decided to try a tea house I walk by fairly often. It claims to be French style, and has some nice seating in the back. A lot of the teas I wanted to try were out of stock, but I ended up having some fairly good green tea. My friend had some herbal tea. The desserts all had lots of lactose in them, which meant not only did my skin break out, I had difficulties tasting the tea while I was there. At least I could smell the tea.

The environment is very nice to sit and have a chat. In addition to the nice chat, I had the opportunity to try escargot. I don’t normally eat animals, but I’ve never eaten snail before. It seemed kind of rubbery and did not have a lot of flavor, but that is good. I will just continue to enjoy the fruits and vegetables I normally eat, knowing that there aren’t animals that taste better than those plants.


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