El Gallo

By greenteapanda

April 25, 2009

Category: Food and drink

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Today I went to a more authentic Mexican restaurant than last week, El Gallo. Even though the food was good, they were lacking guacamole (despite its inclusion on the menu). The place is more upscale, and located in a place called Tianmu. Tianmu is an area of Taipei with lots of expats, and it really did not seem all that different than the suburbs of Boston.

Perhaps in keeping with the more upscale theme, portions were minimal, especially salsa. If one wants to eat Mexican food, Taipei is not the place to get it. That said, there were similarities to Mexican restaurants outside Taiwan. By Taiwanese standards, service was very slow. I was one of three customers in the restaurant in the afternoon. There were two waitresses. When food was ready, they took their time to deliver to people’s tables.

The soup and burritos I had were all fresh. Along with the burrito, I chose a salad and fruit. One of the fruits was guava, but they got rid of the centre (the sweetest part) and the seeds (which contain abundant omega-3 acids). I might think they were targetting Taiwanese tastes, but most Taiwanese I know do not like pineapple, the other fruit included in the dish.

For fresh ingredients, El Gallo rates highly. But you pay for it…


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