Laptop screens

I have been in the market for a new laptop purchase for some time now. I want a matte screen, which is nearly impossible to come by now. Even the Sony Z, which is suppose to have a semi-matte screen, has gone completely glossy with their newest models. I thought about buying the older model at a discount, but I also did not like the fact that all the Sony Z models have a fairly dim screen at full brightness (only 280 nits).

Lenovo Thinkpads have even dimmer screens, and are lower resolution to boot.

That is the same as the 17”Macbook Pro. To be fair, many of the reviews of the 17”Macbook say that the dimness on many display models is a software problem. If one disables the ambient light sensor, the screen will have adequate brightness. Even so, I have seen people say the 17”screen is only 250 nits.

Perhaps I am too used to my desktop screen, which outputs 400 nits of brightness.

Speaking of Apples, the best screen I’ve seen in my search was the display model in an Apple shop here. I thought it looked quite usable from the pavement, and it had good viewing angles as well. I went closer to the shop window to see which Mac laptop it was… and it was a PowerBook G4.

I suppose I should just wait for Mac OS 10.6 to come out. Maybe by then Apple will be using a discrete graphics chip that will not die in under a year of use. All the Nvidia 9600 graphics chips have questionable reliability.


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