Jackie Chan doesn’t want freedom

Apparently applauded by the government in Beijing, Jackie Chan said he thought giving Chinese people freedom was a bad thing.

I find it interesting that the Chinese government applauded his ideas, since he also said he would only “buy Japanese TVs. Chinese TVs might explode.” So much for China promoting their own products… even I don’t see the benefit in buying a TV just because it is made in Japan. Japanese TV makers do make some nice products, but they also have factories outside Japan that churn out the same models for much less.

For all the outrage over the incident, it doesn’t seem like Taiwan cares about this at all. Jackie Chan is experiencing a far more caustic reaction to his comments in Hong Kong. He should be. The Hong Kong movie industry basically has collapsed during the time he was a big star. In catering to censors in mainland China, Hong Kong has lost most of its interesting movies. Even if I take Jackie Chan’s own response to the incidence, claiming it was about the entertainment industry, it still doesn’t take away the fact that when Hong Kong had more freedom from mainland censors, they made better movies.

The only exceptions are things like Infernal Affairs where two different versions were made or movies with smaller budgets that don’t care about earning money from the mainland.


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