Fruit handouts

I was encouraged by my school to hand out candies for good behaviour and other things like that. That did not sit well with me, given the fact that many of them already get far too much junk food, and this results in attention problems in class.

For awhile I had given my best class slices of guava. Perhaps annoying to the school, the students preferred it to the food given at lunch.  My school doesn’t even want me eating lunch at the same time as the children anymore. I eat a lunch of fruits. Perhaps they are afraid the children will be exposed to healthy eating habits.

On my most recent trip to Costco, I saw that they had dried Philippine mango. Instead of buying a huge bag of chocolate, I went for the mango instead.

The children love it. It may be more expensive, but I doubt I will see any reports about melamine or some other substance in the dried mango. It also makes them feel a bit fuller, so they won’t want to keep snacking on other junk as they can.


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