Lily Festival

By greenteapanda

April 11, 2009

Category: Travel

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Last month there was a general flower festival in Yangmingshan, north of the city part of Taipei. This month, there is a lily festival. (English blurb)

I had to take the same long journey to Yangmingshan, then take another bus to get to the area with lilies.

There were actually two main areas. The last bus stop takes people to a place where they can pick lilies themselves. Some of the farms charged entrance fees. There were quite a number of people given how out of the way it was.

The most interesting aspect of this place was the ability to look at the flowers closely.

The view from afar was not that interesting, certainly not nearly as good as a place with nice tea fields…

In between that place and the next, there was a forest where quite a few people were getting wedding photos taken.

The second area, Zhuzihu (竹子湖), on the way back to Yangmingshan, was a lot more interesting, even if it was not possible to walk between fields or even step into the fields for a quick shot. The lilies that had been painted had much bolder colour. The air quality was superb. The main thing that draws people there on a regular basis is a tree that does not belong:

So, the lilies:

Walking away from it all, there were even utility boxes that were painted to mimic the landscape beyond.


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