Don’t teach correctly

By greenteapanda

April 10, 2009

Category: Education

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I was told by my boss today it was bad that I had taught the usage of ‘which’ and ‘that’ correctly. Why? What I taught contradicted the textbook, which was completely wrong. “Now the students are questioning the quality of the book.”

“They should do that. It is good to be critical of information. If you really feel this way, how is Taiwan any different than mainland China?” I said, thinking about the times I have heard about grammar being taught incorrectly in mainland China, since that was the way the textbook said it was to be taught.

The boss didn’t like that. The boss tried to get me to agree not to do that again in the future, but I said nothing either way. If they really want somebody to teach everything exactly as it is in the book, even if it is wrong, they certainly do not need a foreigner to do that. They could easily hire a local who is more willing to go along with it.


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