GTA Addiction Levels

By greenteapanda

April 8, 2009

Category: Entertainment

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GTA IV has thought of a lot of things, except maybe showing the locations of birds shot (wiping out a plague is one of the side things to do in the game) and locations of stunt jumps completed.

I have been working on killing all the pigeons, which has greatly increased my play time in the game. My addiction level in the game is “Downward Spiral,” and I am at around 81% completion. I have to wonder about why the hours keep going up so much after that, since I believe I will have finished everything there is to do in the game long before 180 hours. I could understand it if the game counted the time played, but not saved because the game crashed – it crashes a lot, hence my somewhat slow progress.


<0 minutes – Sober Sam
<10 minutes – First Fix
<20 minutes – Habit Forming
<30 minutes – Cut with Laxative
<1 hour – One Toke Over the Line
❤ hours – Coming Up
<5 hours – The Weekend has Landed
<7 hours – Casual User
<10 hours – Getting Sketchy
<13 hours – That’s Some Good sh*t
<17 hours – Wake Up Buzz
<21 hours – Jonesing Bad
<24 hours – Fiend
<30 hours – Bummed in the Gob
<34 hours – Tweaking Hard
<38 hours – Detox / Retox
<44 hours – Serious Habit
<48 hours – Beats and Meat Injection
<52 hours – Buying in Bulk
<58 hours – High on your Own Supply
<62 hours – Perpetual Night Party
<48 hours – Downward Spiral
<72 hours – ready for the Old Ultra-Violence
<78 hours – One Foot in the Hole
<82 hours – Feeling the Rage
<88 hours – Hitting Rock Bottom
<92 hours – Intervention Time
<100 hours – Get with the Program
<120 hours – Overdose
<140 hours – A Full Time Business
<160 hours – Choose Life
<180 hours – Barely Moved

I like the allusions to Trainspotting and Clockwork Orange in the list.


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