Yuma Southwestern Grill, Taipei

By greenteapanda

April 3, 2009

Category: Food and drink

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Last year, a place Called Yuma Southwestern Grill opened in Taipei, promising authentic southwestern American/Mexican food.

I stopped in for lunch, and was impressed by the speed of their service. I started with Roasted Pumpkin soup, but it came in a much smaller bowl than I had expected. People online were raving at how large the portion sizes were.


I also had a vegetarian burrito. It tasted good, but lacked guacamole. They also did not have any guacamole sold separately, so I had to question just how southwestern this restaurant actually was. The salsa provided with the chips seemed to be from Costco (based on taste and aroma). This is not necessarily a bad thing, since the salsa is good. But if I can have it at home, it doesn’t motivate me to come to the restaurant when I am not nearby.


In all, not a bad place to go if one is in the neighbourhood, and needing something quick. For real Mexican, or even “Southwestern”food, one should look elsewhere.


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