Swedish government won’t save Saab

By greenteapanda

March 23, 2009

Category: Transportation

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I think GM assumed that the Swedish government would step in and save Saab. That didn’t happen.

I loved the Saab 9000 back in the 1980s. Since GM bought Saab though, GM has taken Saab’s technology for its other brands and set up Saab’s production such that it will always lose money, much of it because they import parts from abroad instead of sourcing them locally. Saab has gotten one model of its own in return.

If Saab brought back their old tooling and started building the 900 and 9000 as they had before, I am sure they would be much better off. A lot of people like the real Saab cars, and not the rebadged GM cars that are sold as Saabs now.


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