Similarities with my initial life in Japan

By greenteapanda

March 21, 2009

Category: Travel

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Nearly six months into my time in Taiwan, I can’t help but notice similarities with my time in Japan. I am not talking about the culture here, but the way I live my life. I have:

  • experienced heavy rain on arrival.
  • been making healthy changes in my life.
  • had a life mostly centered around work.
  • not travelled much. I travelled a lot from Japan, but that was after I had lived there over a year.
  • reaffirmed my interest in Buddhism and have been making that integral to my life.
  • been learning and getting experience from work, even if the job isn’t suitable in the long term.
  • not been learning much about the local language other than what I get from my Buddhist study. I suppose part of that is the number of interests I have and also the fact that the Buddhist aspect is the reason why I like being here. The teachers back home teaching meditation/Buddhism/qigong/etc don’t even begin to compare.
  • been cooking most of my own food to save money, even though most people I know simply eat out.
  • been living next to a noisy major street in an apartment of questionable quality that costs a lot more than it should and has questionable, but adequate air quality.
  • purchased a computer that will likely last me awhile.

It seems to be a good start, but unlike Japan, I don’t feel like I will stay here as long. I don’t have the feeling I could just stay here for the rest of my life. Then again, that means I won’t grow complacent here either.


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