Another bag bought in Taiwan bites the dust

By greenteapanda

March 20, 2009

Category: Living

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I have previously talked about backpacks I purchased, only to have them fail here, in a very short time.

Since the last one failed, I had been using a carry-on bag with wheels to carry my things and items I purchased from stores when shopping.

Lucky me, the carry-on has also failed. I lost the wheel hubs a long time ago. that meant the wheels could move around within the wheel wells. When I got home tonight, I noticed that water was leaking out the bottom. I had purchased some jugs of water , so I figured that was the cause. When I opened the bag, I could see a nice hole in one of the wheel wells. The wheel not only rubbed through the well, it also rubbed through enough plastic on the jug for it to leak. about 1 liter was missing from the 5.2 liter bottle.

I lost more in the aftermath.

Now there is one less bag wasting space. I will use one of my extra plastic bags to carry my things for now, or my duffel backpack if I need to carry something large. I am recovering more and more of the floor space in my small apartment, which I need to do my meditation exercises.


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