Cancer from stir-fry fumes

Chinese people seem less likely to get cancer from smoking cigarettes than from stir-frying their food. I suppose I can take it as another indication that raw foods really are better for people, though there are ways to avoid breathing the fumes from stir-frying.

Given that certain people I know did not properly care for their pots and pans in China, I wonder how much of the risk is really from stir frying the food and not simply from the coatings on the surface (like teflon) breaking up and becoming airborne.

I think a lot of people in China would be better off using traditional woks rather than the modern ones coated with all sorts of things. The coatings break up from high heat and improper washing – or should I say washing in an unintended way. If you use tap water to clean, you could be introducing even worse problems.


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