New iPod Shuffle

Apple released a new iPod Shuffle without buttons on the main player. They claim they did not have room on the body, but did on the cord. They claim it is small.

I’ll just come out and say it: it is far too big and inconvenient. The first generation iPod Shuffle was a USB stick that could play mp3s – very convenient. I still use my first generation model. Given that the new model still seems to be as wide as a USB port, they could have put the USB connector directly on the packaging.

When I had just gotten to Korea, all the Korean teachers in the school got 4GB Xtick USB sticks. It was half as thin as the USB connector – in other words, you could stick it into the computer’s USB connector, it just did not have the outer metal part that surrounded the USB port. Dimensions: 63 x 20.6 x 7 mm. Mass: 12g.

New 4GB iPod Shuffle dimensions: 45.2 x 17.5 x 7.8 mm. Mass: 10.7g.

Given that electronics get smaller every year, the Xtick could be made even smaller now. But even with the slightly larger size, the Xtick is far more convenient. It does not require doodads to be connected for basic functionality like being attached to a computer’s USB port. If you include that,, the iPod Shuffle is far larger.


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