I didn’t know I have a Murphy bed

By greenteapanda

March 10, 2009

Category: Living

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I decided to move my bed and vacuum under it, since there always seemed to be dust that the vacuum would not suck out. Much to my surprise when I began pushing the bed up so I could lean it against the wall as I vacuumed, it pushed back.

The bottom of the bed started to pull apart in the middle, where it was nailed (likely to facilitate it being brought into my apartment in the first place. strong air springs made the mattress separate from the rest of the frame. The bed was trying to push itself back off the wall and to the ground. I was having the horror of a Murphy bed moment in reverse. Murphy beds are those beds that can fold up and into the wall. Unlike in some movies where people get squashed into the wall, I was getting squashed onto the floor.

Once I untangled myself and maneuvered the bed such that I could clean the floor, I did so. The dust seemed like it was glued to the floor. I had to wipe really hard with some old socks to get the thick layer of dust off. Then I was able to vacuum.

Once I was done, I tried to close the bed back up. It took a large percentage of my body weight to get the matress to fold back down onto the bottom of the bed frame. It seems my bed was designed to open up so things can be stored inside. It would have been nice to know before. Unlike everywhere else in my apartment, there wasn’t a speck of dust within the bed.


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