Losing weight by scanning

I am not talking about my own weight, but the weight of my luggage. A lot of what weighs me down as I go from place to place is not my clothes, not my computer equipment, but my papers and books.

For example, the papers related to my CELTA course have a mass near 3kg. Since it was raining all weekend, and what I wanted to do would have been potentially dangerous, I scanned in that huge pile of paper. Given that it had a bit of Hainan mold smell on it, I was doubly glad to finish it so it could be thrown in the recycling heap.

I was quite productive over the weekend. I also got some cleaning done and had the opportunity to do qigong as I waited for pages to scan and be processed. Perhaps I should do it on a regular basis until I have gotten rid of all my excess papers and books.


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