No hub

By greenteapanda

March 7, 2009

Category: Transportation

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After my last backpack failed, I decided to use the black rolling bag I got in Taiwan a bit more than a year ago. The intention is really to run it into the ground. The wheels are very noisy, and I would like a bag that rolls more quietly (and has the ability to change wheels if I need to do so).

The rolling bag served its purpose when I needed it, but now it is simply an extremely noisy way to roll my things around. I decided to take a look at the wheels and figure out why it is so noisy. The wheels have no hubs. There is a metal rod acting as an axis, but the wheels have a large hollow section in the middle. Normally the bag rolls by the wheel going between that hub and the ground, and it explains why it often scrapes the ground. I don’t know if the wheels have always been like that, but now I have yet another thing to look at when shopping for luggage.


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