Falling Down

By greenteapanda

March 2, 2009

Category: Living

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As I ran in the dark last night, I tripped and fell down abruptly. I have wounds on both my knees, my right elbow, and on both sides of my left hand. The fall didn’t really hurt too much though. I think it was because I didn’t make a big deal of it, just got up, and began running again.

When I got home much later, I cleaned everything with rubbing alcohol. That hurt momentarily, but otherwise I did not give it attention.

I think people look at it and expect it to hurt, but I choose to think about other things, other things I may be able to change.  I think people that fall like that think it should hurt, so it does hurt. I think my wounds make other people hurt more than I do. I notice that the sensation is different, the skin is a bit stiffer now, but it is just that – a different sensation. Not one I have a negative impression of.


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