Relaxing day

Today is 228, which for those that don’t know, was the date of an uprising in 1947 of people against the occupational government. Given that a lot of the people that want to remember that event are not happy with the current government, I figured lots of people would be in the area around the 228 museum.
I like to do things other people are not doing, so I went to the Yangmingshan Flower Festival today. I am not sure why it is called a festival, since I have been there before, and saw more flowers during that non flower festival time. I still got some interesting flower shots:

I can’t forget other plants or animals though, and I liked watching the squirrel most out of it all:

Nevermind the relative lack of flowers, the air was fantastic. I should really go there more often to unwind. Even with the heavy traffic for the festival, the air at the side of the road is far better than in Taipei proper.


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