An awesome camera

By greenteapanda

February 23, 2009

Category: Hobbies

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I got my current camera, a Panasonic FZ50, because it was similar to a digital SLR in feel, and I didn’t have the money at the time to buy another digital SLR. My Nikon D70 had been stolen. It doesn’t have an optical viewfinder, so I have to put up with a difference in colours between what I see not looking through the lens and what I do see looking at the LCD in the camera or the LCD outside. The difference is small with greens, but severe with pinks. Pinks often look like violet-blue.

I actually find it very curious as to why camera manufacturers use even worse LCD screens than the cheapest 6 bit 22”displays that are commonplace on low end computers. A computer might have uses that have nothing to do with colour accuracy, but with a camera, if it doesn’t have accurate colour, they might as well make the screen monochrome.

I am also curious with all the tests dpreview and others do, why they do not test the colour accuracy of the screens. It seems like it would be pretty simple to take a colourimeter intended for a computer screen, stick it on the camera screen, and see what amount of colour space the camera can actually reproduce. I often do not know if I properly exposed a picture until I view it on my own computer (and its connected, accurate S-IPS display). Not only do the colours not show accurately on the camera, the brightness across the photo frame is another area that could see ample improvement.

Hence, one really does need an optical representation of the picture when it is being taken, since there is no guarantee it can be reproduced accurately until long after the fact. I have a new favourite camera as far as this goes –  the new Nikon D3x. Though at the price of a cheap new car, it isn’t something I will just go and purchase right away.

I will wait for my current camera to die or fall apart first. If it were a Sony, I might have luck with the fall apart first idea, but Panasonics tend to last a long, long time.


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