Audible Drugs

The claim: An app called iDoser will give the effects of drugs simply by listening to certain binural audio files. Each “dose” is supposed to have an effect. There is an alcohol dose that comes with the trial that is supposed to make one feel drunk, for example. Some people are apparently concerned over the possible effects.

Actuality: The app will not install on either Windows Vista 64 bit or Windows 7 64 bit. There are supposed audio files for i Doser online in mp3 and Apple Lossless formats. I tried playing some of those tracks instead. I did not notice much of a difference. I get a far larger effect in my mood or how I feel by listening to the kinds of music played in Buddhist temples and in certain kinds of electronic music tracks.

I suppose it is fitting that I get more of an effect from temple music. In both cases, the light is dim. The I-doser instructions imply a kind of environment similar to how one would do a sitting meditation. However, I still think the traditional meditation method works a lot better. One wants a clear mind, not a drugged one.


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