Target Disk Mode on Macs

I just learned that it really is a huge pity that some new Macs no longer include firewire, and hence, the ability to use Target Disk mode. It allows one Mac to serve as an external drive to another Mac.

I thought it ended there, but it turns out any internal drives on the Mac booted in Target Disk mode will show up on the Mac booted up normally. So if the DVD/CD drive is not working properly on the Mac you want to use, you can use the CD/DVD drive from the other Mac to access the data.

I can only wonder if the reason Apple has cut back on their use of firewire has to do with firewire being like kryptonite to Windows. It has taken me three trips to the computer market to find a firewire card that doesn’t cause windows to do strange things when connected to firewire devices.


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