Digital cable

I don’t consistently get the HiHD channel even with an antenna, so I decided to try hooking up the cable wire to the DVB tuner card. No channels were found. There only seem to be about 10 digital channels offered by the cable in my apartment building, and as far as I can tell, they are transmitted via IP rather than on specific cable channels. Furthermore, even though it appears to be delivered by IP (since neither my QAM or DVB tuners pick up anything), it isn’t taking advantage of interactivity offered by IPTV.

I don’t really see why anybody would willingly pay for cable TV here, even if it works out to be 15USD or so for about 110 channels. The channels all look horrible, and not a single HD station amongst them.

Most every TV sold in electronics stores here can show an HD signal, but the only way to get something other than HiHD would be to live in a place where one can pick up Japanese satellite signals or to live in a place that has FTTH, since the phone company has HD programming for those subscribers.

So far the best placement for my HD antenna is on top of two trash bins stacked on top of each other in the metal cage outside of my windows.. When the window blows the antenna away, I lose my signal and have to adjust it again.


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