Future laptop

I was thinking about getting a Sony VAIO P, but now that it has been out, I’ve gotten opportunities to take a look at it more closely in a variety of stores. Many stores hook it up to a Sony TV such that more people can see what is on the screen. The first time I saw this, I knew I did not want the VAIO P. The video felt extremely slow. It reminded me of using ~Aaron to make Mac OS 7.6 look like Mac OS 8 back on an LCIII with 36MB of RAM. I could watch the windows draw, which I didn’t even know was possible on Windows Vista. The difference is that Mac OS 8 windows looked good and worked well. More than I can say about Vista and Windows 7’s.

Windows Vista may be slow in some places, but the window manager has always been smooth, especially using Aero, on any machine I’ve tried it on that was capable of it.

That brought me to considering a MacBook Air. Knowing how unreliable hard disks are, and how hard it is to replace one in a MacBook Air, I thought I would go for the SSD model. However, for just 300USD more or so, I could get the 17” MacBook with a built in matte screen. I will just have to wait for those to reach Taiwan…


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