California Grill

From the outset, it did not seem like California at all – there is nothing with avocado in it on the menu. I wasn’t planning to eat there, but they made nice panda drawings on their windows. I decided to go inside.

The Tofu Burger on whole wheat I got was pretty small, not large like some people online make it out to be at this particular restaurant. It wasn’t as if I was super hungry either – this was my third dinner of the day.

The taste wasn’t bad, particularly the whole wheat bun. However, it did not remind me of California at all. No avocado, and no sourdough options. They try to play up Southern California’s citrus connection, even though Orange County is pretty much entirely suburbia and nature reserves at this point. The only oranges I’ve seen growing in Southern California are on the lots of the super rich. Not the kind of thing that would be sold at the market. Anyhow, no citrus on the burger or in the salad either.

Instead of chips, I could have a salad, which is what I chose to do. It tasted like the salads served in my junior high school. I loved those salads, but they were probably not particularly healthy. They also weren’t chopped the way a real Californian salad would be chopped. Not a bad thing, but the amount of oil (definitely not olive oil or one of the other oils with omega 3) probably wasn’t great for me.

The quality is decent, but when I am in the Yongkang area, there are plenty of great places to eat at, including my favourite in Taipei – Sababa. I don’t really know if Sababa is authentic, but their Carrot Ginger soup is heavenly. At least when they are not sold out.


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