Making Chinese pickled vegetables

Today I got to make Chinese pickled vegetables (泡菜), which is quite a bit different than the method of making Korean pickled vegetables (kimchi). When making kimchi, one takes whatever vegetable that is being transformed into kimchi and wipes every surface with chili paste without tearing the vegetable apart. However, doing it the Chinese way, one takes the same piece of cabbage,

tears it apart;

covers the pieces with salt, rinse them out, crush the remainder;

add other items like chili pepper pieces, garlic, carrot slivers, and vinegar and stirs them together;

then finally places them into a container where they take up a fraction of their previous space. One then has to wait 5 days before consuming the result.

In other words, the Chinese way is much simpler, though in the end, not as spicy. I even added far more chili pepper than was recommended. Since salt is not part of the chili paste, it is a lot easier to make the result be not to spicy. This being Taiwan, a lot of the other people added far too much sugar, but that is not a problem when I do it myself.


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